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A Living Wage for All

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I am running for mayor and fighting for DC to be a city where everyone can live, work and raise a family--regardless of their employer. I voted against the LRAA because I know there is a better way to create a living wage for everyone, not just a select few. The LRAA bill is designed for political points and will take up to four years to deliver aid to only a handful of workers. It is a barrier to our historically underserved communities, scaring off new businesses that would provide low cost goods to the DC residents who need them the most.   

This should be about people, not politics.

That’s why I am introducing legislation that will create a living wage for all.

My bill is a comprehensive package of reforms that raises the minimum wage for all workers—and raises it now. It includes:

  • raising the minimum wage over each of the next two years, and tying regular increases thereafter to an index that keeps up with the cost of urban living;
  • Increasing the standard deduction for personal income taxes to provide relief to low- and moderate-income workers, putting more of their hard-earned pay into their pockets;
  • and providing the tools our small businesses need to meet these goals—enabling them to prosper, while creating good paying jobs in every community.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been criticized by LRAA supporters who claim that I do not support a living wage. This is just false. I fully support a living wage—BUT, the LRAA bill is too narrowly focused. It won’t deliver benefits to all DC workers and I believe it is harmful to our most vulnerable communities. LRAA proponents say “we’ll take what we can get.” Why settle for this?

Why take what we can get rather than fight for what’s right for a just city?

LRAA proponents and supporters of my Living Wage for All bill are fighting for the same goal: a living wage for DC workers.

The difference is that my bill helps all workers and helps them now.

The power is in the hands of the people. We must unite in the fight for a truly comprehensive living wage bill—because by working together, we can win.

It’s time to stop the political games and put all DC workers first.