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From Barbara to Tommy: Happy Birthday

It’s Tommy’s birthday and today, more than ever, I’m taking stock.

As I watch him endure a grueling schedule and the slings and arrows of Vince Gray’s campaign, I sometimes wonder how he keeps going when the challenges are so great.

Then I remember what I told the Woman’s National Democratic Club in a speech I delivered back in January:

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Transcript: Barbara's Speech from National Woman's Democratic Club Tea

In January I had the honor of giving a speech for members and friends of the National Woman’s Democratic Club. At first I asked: Why should these women listen to Barbara Wells? But then I understood the answer. Tommy has hundreds of friends who have witnessed his work for the District over the last 28 years, but I’m the only one who’s been there from start to finish, and I do have a story to tell. Now I want to share it with you:

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Tommy Breaks Out

With just six weeks to election day, I've been feeling the pressure for Tommy to break out of the pack of mayoral candidates. This week, he did!


Tommy showed us over and over: he is different.


First, in the two key Council votes that gutted the marijuana decriminalization bill and rewrote ethics rules that other Councilmembers just don't like, Tommy stood firm on correcting a social injustice and holding our elected officials to strict rules of behavior. We all know even in tough situations, Tommy votes for what's right.


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A note from Barbara Wells

I’ve been Tommy’s No. 1 fan, cheerleader and partner since we were married 26 years ago. But my support has never been more important than it is right now. Midnight tonight marks our first major fundraising deadline of the year. That's just four hours from now, and Tommy needs all of us to help him hit this one out of the park. Over the next 60 days—from today until election day—every single dollar you contribute to Tommy’s campaign goes straight to voter outreach and education.

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Tommy's Win

On November 13, at the first mayoral debate of the season, my husband, Tommy Wells, joined five other candidates at the first 2014 mayoral forum and knocked it out of the park.

You might think, "Of course she says so. She's his wife!" But the opposite is true. No one is more anxious than I am watching Tommy face the challenge of showing a roomful of supporters, strangers and opponents why he should be mayor.

After 25 years of marriage, I know better than anyone his ethics, ingenuity, compassion and drive. But can he capture that in a series of 60-second responses?

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