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Tommy Town Hall

Welcome to my Town Hall page. As I shape my policy platform to make DC a greater place to live, work and raise a family, I want to hear directly from people in the community about your ideas on what is working well, where our toughest challenges lie, and the innovative solutions you would like to see.

Outstanding schools for every child, safe streets in all parts of the city, economically vibrant neighborhoods with good jobs, accessible and convenient transportation choices for all – these are critical elements of a good quality of life. I invite you to join me at my town hall public meetings where we will talk about these and other issues that affect DC residents’ lives. Come share your concerns and vision for DC’s future.

I encourage you to jump into the conversation before each town hall by leaving your thoughts here on this web site, and joining the discussion on twitter and Facebook. And, I look forward to seeing you and hearing your ideas at the next town hall.

Upcoming Tommy Town Halls

Saturday, September 7 | 1:30pm | Thurgood Marshall Center | Event Info

Sunday, September 15 | 2pm | Anacostia Playhouse | Event Info

Past Town Halls

Saturday, July 20 | 1:30pm | The Festival Center | Event Info & Re-cap